Over the past six years, OpenedEyes has worked to enhance cultural competence on an individual, organizational, and systemic level.


Through the development of our educational model, we have been able to customize programs for consumers and organizations based on various demographics.


Our program employs strategies to increase hope, enhance educational and environmental awareness, and improve community connections.


New logo, who’s this?! We are so excited to introduce our 2022 theme and logo, designed by our talented Design Director, Ceasar Westbrook.

“The inspiration behind this design stemmed from seeing people get through tough times and overcoming adversity. Breaking through hard times to realize how strong we are. Ultimately getting us to where we want to be.” - Caesar

How do you plan on breaking through in 2022?

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Next up in our series is Kathleen Washington - Director of Operations.

Kathleen started with OpenedEyes in 2015 when Brandon had asked her to help him with running OpenedEyes social media pages as they were starting up this new non-profit.

“As the years went on and OpenedEyes grew over time, my role with OpenedEyes has grown and transformed into something I never thought possible for myself. OpenedEyes' mission means more than just getting together with friends. This is starting a conversation (or continuing the conversation sometimes) to create a better community, a better country and a better world for my children and their children.”

Kathleen is a stay at home mama to three beautiful girls and is wife to Pat (the coolest hubby around). She’s also talented on stage and has played the clarinet since she was ten!



“I can't say enough nice things about the team with OpenedEyes! They have helped us at The Nonprofit Partnership as we embark upon the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion journey. They have been imperative to our progress in this realm and I am so grateful for having been connected with Brandon. Whether you need help with a one-time session, an extensive training opportunity or you're just looking to add a good human or two (or 5?) to your network, OpenedEyes has you covered.”

Ellen Kehl

Director of Member Engagement and Education

The Nonprofit Partnership