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LENS is a transformational programming opportunity which challenges participants to reflect on their previous knowledge, learn from others' personal experiences, and make connections while acquiring new insight. LENS encourages participants to broaden their thinking beyond what is seen as conventional, and mold that into a new perception of our community which includes understanding and promoting social and emotional intelligence within transforming our world.

The LENS program can be tailored to both children and adult populations and covers the following topics:


Looking inwardly, understanding myself and my thoughts, and how that influences how I see others.

Areas of Focus:

  • Positive identity and self-image

  • Social intelligence IQ

  • Self-awareness and evaluation of how I perceive others

  • Environmental Influences


Looking at the outside world, understanding others, their viewpoints, etc.

Areas of Focus:

  • Implicit bias and other kinds of bias

  • Stereotypes and prejudices, understanding diverse backgrounds

  • Systemic racism, discrimination, etc.

  • Diverse counterparts


How to bring inside and outside perceptions and views together, including personal views and reactions to the personal relationships I have.

Areas of Focus:

  • Understanding and valuing differences

  • Listening to understand and not just respond

  • Personal reflection


Relationship building/setting personal boundaries:

  • Identifying relationship needs

  • Focus on emotional intelligence

  • Benefits of boundaries:

    • Better self-esteem​

    • Conserving emotional energy

    • More independence and agency

  • Defining boundaries:​

    • Ask "what are your rights?"​

    • Follow your gut

    • Determine your value

Resilience (Psychological Resilience):  the ability to mentally or emotionally cope with a crisis or return to pre-crisis status quickly. Resilience exists when the person uses "mental processes and behaviors in promoting personal assets and protecting self from the potential negative effects of stressors."​

  • Advancing:  goal orientation, work toward your vision

  • Despite:  be proactive... don't wait for adversity

  • Adversity:  both large and small challenges every day

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