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What We Offer

OpenedEyes' multidimensional approach offers a variety of programming options. Please note that all of our trainings are capable of online interaction through the use of Zoom or any other online platform. Interested in one of our programs? Click the button below to reach out to us!





Schools, businesses, and organizations can request a workshop from OpenedEyes. In our workshops you can expect to engage in intensive discussion and activity on one or more of our areas of focus on (but not limited to) self-development, mindfulness, implicit bias, leadership, cross cultural competence, LGBTQIA, etc. Workshops tend to be interactive, educational, and conversational.


OpenedEyes believes in the power of teaching. Our trainings are designed to help those become more competent in the areas of (but not limited to) self-development, mindfulness, implicit bias, leadership, cross cultural competence, LGBTQIA, etc. In this method of education, we will train individuals to be more effective in their respected fields as well as in their everyday lives. Training sessions are often for: companies, governing bodies, leaders, and teachers.




For schools, businesses, or organizations who are interested in shorter but effective programming, we offer motivational speaking primarily from our Founder and Executive Director Brandon Wiley.


Client Testimonials

“OpenedEyes came and delivered a powerful message to our faculty, staff, and students here at Penn State Shenango. Brandon’s passion and delivery helped provide essential information while maintaining a safe space for our participants to share their personal experiences. OpenedEyes helped facilitate discussions and dialogue that are vital for the growth and development of our campus. We look forward to having the group back to present again.”

David Jackson

Student Engagement Coordinator

Penn State Shenago

“Probably the most valuable assembly program we've had here at MPS. Keep up the wonderful work, gentlemen! God bless you.”

Judy Johns


Mercyhurst Preparatory School

“The presenters were extremely knowledgeable and this was one of my favorite sessions because we all became truly engaged.”

Gannon University Student

“The students really enjoyed the program that was presented by Opened-Eyes. Many students opened up about their thoughts about diversity and what it meant to them. It brought awareness among the student body. The presenters were excellent and really related to the students.”

Richard Beach

Guidance Counselor

Franklin Jr/Sr High School

“We feel blessed that we were able to bring Opened Eyes into our school community to help us further our mission of being inclusive, and recognizing the dignity in all persons. Opened Eyes was able to engage the students in both large and small group settings, which provided every student the opportunity to contemplate the information and to respond in a comfortable setting. Our Board of Trustees Chairperson was in the building that day and was enamored with the ease in which Opened Eyes interacted with our students. This is a program that will reward any community willing to participate.”

Ed Curtain


Mercyhurst Preparatory School

“This session was very informative. I feel like I am better able to handle situations in a more culturally sensitive manner.”

Resident Advisor

Gannon University


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