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Our Mission

OpenedEyes is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded by Brandon Wiley in 2014, designed to help others create a positive identity founded on a holistic diversity perspective. Our program and curriculum emphasizes an educational model — designed for children, adolescents and young adults — encompassing a multiracial/multicultural phenomenon by being asked the question, "What are you?"



Our Vision

At OpenedEyes we believe that diversity awareness and inclusion is the key to strengthening communities, families, and our futures. Although not limited to these principles, our W.A.Y. curriculum uses four areas of focus: Universal Healing, Peer Relationships, Positive Identity and Environmental Influences. These focal points are reflective of our mission and vision, to create a holistic diversity program that answers the ultimate question “What are you?”


Our Pillars



Breaking the chains of conformity to free each other of stereotypes and prejudices in order to accept everyone’s diverse background.




Having a positive self-image and believing you can overcome any obstacle regardless of race, environment, and peers.




Dissolving biases and breaking barriers by creating and facilitating positive peer interactions through activities that offer opportunities for students to learn about their peers.




Identifying negative external factors to find positive influences in one’s home and community.



Our Leadership Team

Brandon Wiley

Founder and Executive Director

Shannon Brown

Director of Development

Chris Wrobel

Director of Operations

Cameron Foster

Education Chair


Our Staff

Sandra Imamovic

Program Development

Jonathan Atkinson

Program Development

Kathleen Washington

Marketing Coordinator

Elly Vahey

Social Outreach

Mike Bergstrom

Website Coordinator


Our Board of Directors

Dr. Adrienne Dixon

Board President

Associate Vice President of Residential and Community Services - Sarah A. Reed Children's Center

Dr. Parris Baker

Assistant Professor & Director, Social Work, Mortuary
Science, and Gerontology Programs, Department of Criminal Justice & Social Work - Gannon University

Brian Slawin

Director and Portfolio Manger - Ben Franklin Technology PArtners